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Ricecooker Cake #3 - Matcha Green Tea Ricecooker Cake (Aspiring Bakers #25)

Now that I am getting the hang of how to bake steam a cake using a ricecooker, I have become more adventurous and I have started to venture beyond my comfort zone, not just relying on tried-and-tested recipes from the Toshiba ricecooker manual.

This afternoon, I tried steaming the matcha green tea pound cake which I baked in an oven few weeks ago. I studied the recipe, looked at the amount of ingredients, and figured that since it was much lesser in terms of butter and sugar as compared to my ricecooker marble cake and chocolate lava cake, I deduced that it could easily be cooked in an hour using the "COOK" function of my Toshiba ricecooker. So that was what I did.

Here is the results. I pressed "COOK" 3 times by the way. This cake was slightly smaller in size compared to my previous 2 ricecooker cakes. If you have read about my previous 2 ricecooker cakes, you will know that the marble cake was not 100% cooked even after 1 hour (well that wasn't entirely my fault bcos that wasn't a Toshiba recipe), and the chocolate lava cake was meant to be wet in the middle with the chocolate oozing out as you take a bite. But this cake was 100% cooked wthin 64 min.

Here I am sharing with you my new invention....my steamed matcha green tea cake made using a ricecooker, adapted from the matcha green tea pound cake posted last month.

How to make a matcha green tea cake in a rice cooker
Steps are almost the same except for the last step, instead of baking in the oven at 170C, grease the ricecooker bowl, pour in the cake batter and let the cake cook for at least 1 hour in the ricecooker.

For my Toshiba RC10L-MI, everytime it has finished cooking, it will switch to "KEEP WARM" mode, so I just have to cancel and press "COOK" again. Which means you have to press "COOK" 3 times. Press "COOK" until it beeps (29 min), press "COOK" again a 2nd time till it beeps (18 min), and finally press "COOK" a 3rd time till it beeps (17 min). The total cooking time was 64 minutes to be exact. Note that cooking time may vary based on the capacity of your rice cooker. Mine has a 5.5 cup capacity. (Note that my ricecooker is one without the "CAKE" baking function, I am just using the "COOK" function. This cake should work even if you don't have a japanese automatic ricecooker. Just press the "COOK" button and let it cook for at least 1 hour.)

Finally allow cake to rest a while before turning out. Do not use a knife to loosen and remove the cake, the cake should be easily flipped out of the pot if you have followed the instructions and greased the pot slightly (with butter, oil or baking spray before you poured in the batter.

The cake had a crispy crust, as do most ricecooker cakes made using a japanese microcomputer ricecooker like the Toshiba ricecooker (I am not sure about those made-in-America Aroma ricecookers though). The top of the cake resembled a moon crater, with a few tiny holes scattered randomly, but don't be deceived by the looks. It was soft and moist in the inside, and the green tea flavour was apparent but not overpowering. I thought it was a little too sweet for my liking though, maybe due to the green tea powder, so next time I may reduce the sugar a little bit. It is a very simple and delicious cake, try it and you will know!

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #25 - Steaming Hot Cakes (November 2012), hosted by none other than myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders. :)

[Note] If you are new to rice cooker baking, do read this FAQ before you try out your first rice cooker cake. If you would like to receive more updates, do click like on my Facebook page.  

[Important : I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do, and I would be happy if you could give credit where credit is due, and link back to this post if you do make this cake and share it on your blog or facebook. Remember plagiarism is not the best form of flattery.]


  1. That's amazing! Looks soft and delicious. I've never tried to use rice cooker to steam a cake before. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your comments. It's very easy once you get the hang of it, you should give it a try especially if you own a japanese ricecooker. :)

  3. I should consider steaming cakes in my rice cooker! Love green tea cake...

  4. Hi Mich,
    Try it and let me know your feedback please. I wish to know how it works with other brands of ricecookers, although the result should more or less be the same. :)

  5. Well done! Your never-give-up attitude in making a perfect steamed cake in a rice cooker paid off! This Matcha Green tea cake looks gorgeous. Gotta make one soon :-D

  6. This is really learning through the hard way. :)
    After making the first 2 cakes, I really got to know my ricecooker so much better. I still have another cake recipe which uses the "Congee" function of the ricecooker, which is supposed to be in my to-do-list for this month. :)

  7. I have never make any cake using a rice cooker. The cake looks inviting. I don't think I can make a cake in my rice cooker. It has only one button:D

    1. Hi Quay Po,
      Dun mind if I call you that. :)
      Doesn't matter if your ricecooker has only 1 button. I think it should work fine for this cake, it is very easy. Do try it and let me know.

    2. As long as you ca re-press the COOK button after it has popped up or beeped, and let it continue to cook for at least 1 hour, then it should be fine. My friend has tried using her Aroma ricecooker for one of my ricecooker cakes.

  8. Miss B, this cake from the rice cooker looked so soft & fluffy huh... I have bought a rice cooker which can bake cake too but it is still lying prettily in the storeroom, hvnt "open ceremony" yet...
    I will bookmark your rice cooker cake recipes for my future use:))

    1. Hi Charmaine/Mimi Bakery House

      Is yours also a Toshiba or is it a Zojirushi? Frankly I dunno how long this will take if you use a rice cooker with a baking function, maybe it will take a shorter time. But do keep me posted when you try out the recipe. :)

  9. I did try to cook salted chicken using rice cooker but never try with making cake. But i am doubt my rice cooker can doing well with cake since the base is stainless stell but not coated with non-stick material.

  10. Hi just two questions pertaining to your rice cooker cakes
    1. This matcha cake, do I really needa whisk the ingredients with cake mixer or can I just do it like the Banana cake recipe since I do not have a cake mixer before.

    2. My home is using the Pressure Rice Cooker... possible to make this cake?


    1. Hi Irene,
      Yes, you need to whisk. You can't do it like the banana cake where the sugar and butter are melted. Perhaps you can try whisking with a manual egg whisk but it will take longer to cream until light and fluffy. I haven't tried whisking without cake-mixer though.

      I am not sure about your Pressure Rice Cooker, does it have a rice cooking function also? Or is it just a pressure cooker? Do you have a picture of it?

    2. Oh .. then I gotta give this recipe a miss & try out the Banana cake recipe instead haha...
      Will take a look at my rice cooker at home again , else will just direct steam the banana cake over the gas stove.

      I'd never make any cakes before at home cos Mum banned oven baking at home (how sad), but lookin at your recipes simply gimme a twinkle @ thee eyes.

      Will update you again if I succeeded on the banana cake. Thanks Miss B! :)

    3. Hi Irene,

      Yes, do try out the steamed banana cake recipe, I have done it 3 times, twice in steamer and once in rice cooker. The steamed moist chocolate cake also doesn't require cake-mixer, just melt and mix, quick and easy, highly recommended.

      My mum also banned me from meddling in her kitchen, so sad. That's why I only started baking and cooking few years ago. ;p

      Do update me on your results, ok? Thanks.

    4. Hey Miss B !!!
      I succeeded in making the banana cake using my rice cooker :D

      Really appreciate your innovative recipe. My Mum likes the cake too haha

    5. Hi Irene,
      Congrats, glad to hear that! What is the brand of your rice cooker? To share your experience, Can you leave the comment under the banana cake recipe? Thanks!

  11. Hi.. I just finished with the matcha cake.. I used Philips rice cooker, I just need to select cake then cook.. The result is super... Love it so much.. Thanks Miss B..

    1. Hi San,
      I was waiting for somebody to try this cake. It's delicious right? Thank you for your feedback!

    2. It's easy to make and really delicious.. Thanks for the recipe.. Next time I'll try the choc lava and banana cake..

    3. I recently made a rice cooker butter cake, check the June 2013 archives. It's easy and quite delicious too :)

  12. i made this cake with a toshiba rice cooker too. my family loves it! thanks for sharing :)


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